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Over several years now there have been hundreds of TV, radio and newspapers that have exposed the phony locksmith scams. We would like to clarify one thing, the people operating the companies in question are not actually locksmiths but they are imposters advertising that they are locksmiths. These fake companies are not operated by practicing locksmiths who have spent years learning the locksmith trade. As you will see by viewing a few of the news stories including the recent NBC Today Show report, con men are posing as locksmiths, advertising service as low as $15 only to hit the customers with bills in excess of 500% higher than their original quote. Thousands of legal locksmiths around the country are very concerned about these scams and that is why we are on a mission to warn the public about these massive scams.
Additional News Stories

Click on the YouTube log and watch just a few of the TV news stories that have aired about the scams.