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The Legal Locksmiths that you will find in our database have been verified by a retired police detective to be legitimate locksmith companies. We have performed background checks on each company to verify that each has a business licenses (if their city or state requires such a license) an insurance policy, state locksmith license (if their state requires such a license) and we make sure their are no complaints with the Better Business Bureau. We also check with other locksmiths and lock distributors to see what they locksmith we are checking out has a good reputation.

All of our locksmith members have agreed to provide all of their customers with a written estimate before service is rendered if the customer requests such an estimate. Please note that had any of the victims of the phony locksmiths had asked for a written quote before the service was provided, the phony locksmiths could not have legally over charged the customer. By entering  your zip code in the search box below, you will be able to see if we have a legal locksmith in your area. We have more and more locksmiths joining up with us every week, so please check back if we do not have a locksmith in your area. Thank You!

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