Phony Locksmiths

What is a scammer or also known as a phony locksmith?
Let’s clarify one thing right away and that is that the imposters out ripping off the public are not locksmiths any way so the term “phony locksmith” really does not apply. Locksmiths spend countless hours studying and perfecting their craft and these imposters learn less than 1% of the trade, which is just enough to fool you into thinking they are legitimate. In fact, there are hundreds if not thousands of unscrupulous individuals out there that have been posing as locksmiths. When in fact they are just the opposite and are only interested in one thing, and that is ripping off you the customer. There have been tens of thousands of complaints to local and federal law enforcement agencies stating these people have ripped off the general public with a variety of scams.

One of the most common scams happens when you lock your keys in your car. You go to your local yellow pages looking for a locksmith to help you out. Most people tend to call the locksmith with the biggest ad thinking that they should be honest when in fact many of these giant ads (not all) are placed by the very people who are offering a bait and switch scam . When customers call these companies they are usually quoted a very low price over the phone only to be hit with a bill extremely higher than the quote they were originally given.

To avoid being ripped off there are some precautions that you can take in order to protect yourself. The first thing is to make sure that you are dealing with a legal locksmith.  Our website will help you locate a legal locksmith in your city. Please note there are many legitimate locksmiths that are not on our list at this time becuase they are not aware of us yet. When you contact a locksmith make sure that you ask for a quote before they dispatch a service truck to your location and be sure to request and receive a written quote before the locksmiths performs the service.  Once a service vehicle arrives at your location, be sure to check the locksmiths credintials and once again remember to have the locksmith give you a written quote. With this quote in hand you will know up front what you are expected to pay. You will also be able to show the local police what you were quoted in the event you are hit with a bill higher than your quote.

There are several local and national stories that have been written about phony locksmiths and their scams. We have provide some links on this website, which will take you directly to these stories by reputable news sources from ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CNBC News, AARP and many others. Click Here to see the dozens of news stories that have been reported on these scams.