Locksmith Verification Process

Our Verification Process!

In order to verify all of the locksmith companies that are listed on our website are legal locksmiths, we utilize a combination of several techniques. We verify that our locksmiths have a valid locksmith license, if their state requires such a license. We also verify the locksmith has a valid business license within their state and city and if they maintain a liability insurance policy. Then we verify whether or not the locksmith has numerous complaints against their company.

We then use our local retired law enforcement officers, and our existing legal locksmith members to help us in verifying that our locksmiths are truly in business and have an appropriate service vehicle. Many of the criminals ripping off the public are using fake addresses and showing up in their personal cars. Showing up in a personal car is not always a sign you are doing business with a questionable locksmith. There are several additional investigative techniques we will use when verifying our locksmiths. You should always take preventive measures, which includes requesting a written quote of the work to be done before having any service professional in any field, perform any work at your home, business or on your vehicle.