$5 Lockouts


-There is NO such thing as a $5 Lockout Service-
There are dishonest fake locksmiths placing tens of thousands of fake internet and yellow pages ads claiming super low locksmith prices. Once they show up and unlock you house or car, they will hit you with a bill up to 500% higher than you were quoted. Your property might also be damaged in the process. The BBB, Federal Trade Commission, AARP and many other organizations all have warnings out about these bogus nationwide locksmith scams. You should view the recent NBC Today Show report exposing the scams. If you need a locksmith, you can search for a legal locksmith in your area via our database link below. Locksmiths that you find in our website are real locksmiths who will not trick you into paying more than you are quoted.
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NBC Today Show Locksmith Scam Report