About Us


Legal Locksmiths.com has been established and is operated by a former police detective who has many years of law enforcement experience, and by Jim Heath who has many years of experience working in the locksmith and access control industry. There are many legal locksmiths that are fed up with the illegal phony locksmiths who are operating in the US and they two have helped create this website. There are thousands of locksmiths that are law-abiding professional business owners who have been operating legally for many years. Unfortunately, there are now hundreds if not a thousands or more phony locksmiths who are ripping off the general public everyday and giving all locksmiths a bad name.

There have been tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of victims over the last few years, and even though federal and local law enforcement agencies are cracking down on some of these criminals, you still need to be aware of what is happeningWe want you to know that there are legal locksmiths waiting to assist you. That is what LegalLocksmiths.com is all about.